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Opti-Cool Headgear© EVA Foam Cooling Helmet

Opti-Cool Headgear© EVA foam cooling helmet is designed to offer optimal protection to reduce the impact of head injury, while also giving you the option of using it with our custom cold packs. Keep your head cool while staying protected,cool down multiple parts of your head at the same time quickly, and get relief from headaches/migraines. Order today!

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Customization Available

Come see the many options that we have available. If you have your own special idea, send it over to us and let us make it reality!Take a look at our graphics page to see some of your options.

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Protective Headgear For Injury Prevention

Opti-Cool Headgear Soft Protective Helmets

Customer Testimonials

This helmet is beautifully made and the customer service from the company is so pleasant. Ordered the wrong size initially but this helmet was worth every penny. My 2 year old has mild epilepsy and sensory motor disfunction. This helmet looks good on him in public and keeps him safe. I love this company for caring about ingenuity and elegance. My son looks like a big boy now and I know I've made the best choice. I love Opti-Cool Head Gear! Its THE BEST!"

-Kerri D., Orlando, FL

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Opti-Cool Headgear© Helmets

Opti-Cool Headgear soft protective helmets are molded out of the finest EVA foam available. Made from over 1/2" thick ultra lightweight foam, protection is our number one priority. Each helmet has a ventilated protective core that is covered in Lycra for extra comfort and durability. Opti-Cool Headgear is used for injury prevention, special needs, sports, and multiple other uses, which makes for a very versatile helmet. Our patent helmet designs allow for the ultimate helmet wearing experience!

Multiple sizes and colors are available. Customization options are also available.

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Choose Opti-Cool Headgear

We are committed to making and providing the best headgear available. After doing extensive research and having first hand experience, we have designed helmets with excellent protection and comfort in mind. Please read our story and feel the Opti-Cool difference!