Introducing Opti-Cool Headgear©

The first soft shell helmet that gives you three different wearable options. The first option which allows the user to insert custom cold Packs into three built in pockets surrounding the helmet. The second option which allows for custom cut Lycra covered PORON foam that can be inserted into the pockets for fuller coverage and added protection. And finally, the third option that allows for the pockets to remain open for added ventilation and breathability through the Lycra exterior. This helmet was specifically designed to help aid in the protection against head injury. It was also designed with an option to be used as a cooling apparatus to cool the head and help with swelling from injuries. The cold packs stay firmly in place without sliding around on the head. Opti-Cool Headgear™  offers dual layer protection and is a little over a half inch in thickness. The outer layer of foam is EVA.  EVA has good clarity and gloss, low temperature toughness, stress crack resistance, water proof properties, is extremely light weight, and resistance to UV radiation. The inner layer consists of PoronXRD.  PoronXRD is a high density light weight foam that has extreme impact protection. The superior core material is tear proof and unbreakable. PoronXRD is the best multiple impact protection that is also contouring, lightweight, and breathable.  It is Anti-Microbial which prevents the helmet from building up germs. Microban anti microbial protection is infused into PORON cushioning for lasting protection that won't wash off or wear away for the lifetime of the foam, continually working to keep the material cleaner and fresher longer. It does not absorb water, or sweat, which makes it ideal for many activities. The helmets interior and exterior are covered in Lycra, which is a spandex material that is very flexible, lightweight and hand washable. Opti-Cool headgear™ provides protection around the ears, but does not impede hearing. There is excellent ventilation throughout the helmet and it protects while allowing you to maintain 100% peripheral vision. The retail price of this helmet is $169.95

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Opti-Cool Headgear© Presents our Single Shell EVA Foam Helmet


Made from 1/2" thick light weight EVA foam and covered in Lycra, It is ideal for everyday use and protection. This helmet can be used for many different activities and special needs. Our Grade A EVA foam has good clarity and gloss, low-temperature toughness, stress-crack resistance, hot-melt adhesive waterproof properties, and is resistant to UV radiation.  It has excellent impact and vibration absorption which allows for energy to disperse upon impact, reducing the chance for serious head injury.  The exterior and interior of the helmet are covered in moisture wicking Lycra which is very breathable and easily washable.  There is excellent ventilation throughout the helmet allowing for proper airflow to keep the head cool and comfortable.  It has a soft hook and loop strap with an optional chin guard( Included) that allows for extra protection and comfort.  Edging around the helmet allows for extra added durability and adds a stylish touch.  The helmet maintains it's excellent protection while allowing for 100% peripheral vision. The cool design of the helmet and it's light weight make up (Large is only 4.7 Ounces) is excellent for long term use.  There are three colors currently available, which are Black, Navy Blue, and Purple.  Sizes available are xx-small, x-small, small, medium, large, and x-large.  This helmet is great for Children and Adults. Watch our video at 

Retail Price:$109.95  SALE PRICE:$87.95

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